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Coming from the Internal Family Systems perspective, the entire family is involved in the dynamics of children, teens, and adults. My favorite skills for bonding and healing are co-regulation, I Love You Rituals, following healthy routines, active communication, play, and adventure


Check out this video that explains co-regulation and how to practice it. 

Healthy Routines

Get together with you child to create a realistic routine. Letting your child have a say in their schedule gives them a feeling of autonomy. 


Children communicate by using play. They may be able to read, write, and speak well, but their primary method of expression is still play. Get on the floor and play with a child to figure out what is going on in their life. 

I Love You Rituals

"I Love you Rituals" is a wonderful book about bonding with children by Becky A. Bailey PhD. Here is a video that also explains it. 

Active Communication

Communicate actively and directly. Put electronics and video games away, make time for family meeting to discuss what is working and what is not, and show your child how to communicate effectively by being a role model for active communication. 


Plan an adventure with your child. This gives them the opportunity to be involved in planning and gives them something to look forward to during difficult moments and big feelings. 

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Megan The Therapist, LCSW

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