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Safe and Sound Protocol

As soon as I heard the name of this intervention on a podcast, I knew it was going to change my life and the way I do therapy. Dr. Porges revolutionary music therapy program has shown promising research to be able to regulate your nervous system. Throughout life we get stuck in fight, flight, or freeze. The Safe and Sound Protocol helps you come back to your natural nervous system state so that you can listen better, process more information, and feel more safe and comfortable. 

Image by Marius Masalar


SSP Explained

SSP is a series of 3 playlists, Connect, Core, and Balance. Each playlists consists of 5 sixty minute sessions. You do not need to listen for sixty minutes, just listen for as long as you can tolerate. The only rules are that you need to use over the ear headphones and you cannot use electronics during the session. You CAN take a walk, read a book, or journal. 

Image by Sixteen Miles Out
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