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Intuition: Your Secret Superpower.

Have you ever had a gut feeling or a hunch that you couldn’t explain? If so, that’s your intuition! You can think of your intuition as your inner wisdom that you experience in the absence of logical evidence. It’s those things you just know to be true, without being able to explain it. From an evolutionary standpoint, our “instincts” were meant to send us signals and keep us out of harm’s way. Though we’re all born with intuitive senses and abilities, we often become disconnected from our innate wisdom and creative abilities as we enter adulthood.

Even if you don't feel connected to your intuition, we ALL have the ability to access it—it’s simply a matter of tuning into the right frequency to be able to translate your body's messages into something that resonates with you. Additionally, there are many different ways to experience your intuition. There's no right or wrong way to tune into your internal messages, there's only YOUR way. So, the more you practice tuning into your internal landscape, the more you develop your intuitive abilities over time!

One form of translating intuitive messages from your body is through clairsentience, or the ability to FEEL information. For example, let's say your shoulders get tense every time you encounter a certain person or walk into work. That's your body's way of telling you that “thing” isn’t resonating with you! With clairsentience, you might “feel” an instinct or have a general awareness about your own knowledge that you can't explain. These may come to you in the form of a sense, hunch or gut instinct.

Another way you might experience your intuition is through clairvoyance, or by “seeing” information. For example, you may experience clairvoyance as images, visions or flashes within your mind that make sense to you. You might also “see” as if you were watching clips from a move, a color or something that you can tangibly “see" in your mind's eye.

Your intuition is like a muscle: the more you flex it, the stronger it gets. Your inner wisdom gives you a new lens from which to see and experience the world. It is also incredibly important in the work we’d do together at Emma Evolving, as your gut instincts fuel the sparkle-informed strategy we create together! Ultimately, your body knows what's best for you. It's my job to teach you how to make sense of those internal messages and how to tangibly express them so that you can live a life full of clarity, creativity and joy!

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Your sparkle is your unique essence. It's what makes you, YOU! I hold space for you to ignite your authentic sparkle through a magical mix of psychology and strategy in the workplace and beyond. My specialty is helping you bring your creative ideas to life and connect with your internal world by guiding you to discover what you want to do and how to get there. In a corporate setting, this looks like leveraging a human-first approach rooted in mindfulness to assess, support and coach leaders holistically. In 1:1 sessions together, this looks like creating a special sparkle-informed strategy to build a clear pathway of actionable steps that is uniquely personalized to your authentic career and life goals. I'm also currently pursuing my master's in Organizational Psychology at USC with a focus on the effects of mindfulness on employee well-being and leadership performance, which I blend with my training in Intuition Medicine and Human Design to fully support corporate teams and individual clients.

You can discover more on Instagram or on my website!

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