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Night Time Relaxation Routine

A night time relaxation routine is a commitment to self care. This is an example of what I use as a relaxation routine. It involves using all of the 5 senses and mindfulness. Please use this as a guide to making something that works for you. Everyone's brain is different, so play with different things to create you own unique experience.

  • “This is Enya” Spotify playlist

  • Cold or hot face mask

  • Icy hot patch or roll on lower back

  • Lay on heating pad

  • Light a good smelling candle or diffuse a calming scent ( I combine vanilla and patchouli oil, smells like the Lush store!)

  • “The Honest Guys” guided meditations on YouTube

  • Hot bath with Epsom salt (bonus points if they are good smelling!)

  • Skin care routine (unique to you, I wash face, use cold under eye patches, retinol, then moisturize)

  • Hot herbal tea (no caffeine, I use blueberry)

  • Rub oil (I use massage or coconut oil) on feet

  • Think of the best day you had recently, the last time you felt truly loved, comfortable, and happy.

  • Plan a new vacation (real or imaginary) using Airbnb or the KOA app, I usually put a low budget on it to make the trip actually possible. Then if you have the funding, book it so you have something wonderful to look forward to!

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